Romanian Journal of Sociological Studies, no.2, 2018

Romanian Journal of Sociological Studies, no.2, 2018

Nos 2 • 2018

ILIE BĂDESCU, Peacebuilding in an era of state-nations: The Europe of Trianon

LUCIAN DUMITRESCU, Building state capacity in interwar Romania. Railway infrastructure and political centralization

VERONICA DUMITRAŞCU, ALEXANDRU EMANUEL ŞTEFAN TRICĂ, NICOLETA CARAGEA, Population of Romania – shapes and demographic trends

ILIE BĂDESCU, The issue of globalization after Donald Trump’s victory. Reflections on a new type of inequality

SIMONA RODAT, Interculturality and social integration of migrants: framing the issues

DAN-NICULAE PODARU, Semiotics, between tradition and modernity. The new meanings in lifestyle

SAMUEL ADU-GYAMFI, RAZAK MOHAMMED GYASI, SAMUEL KWAME AMPADU, RICHARD OWARE, Neo-medical practice and disease control in Ghana: perspectives on Atiwa district (1960– 2010)